Monday, July 04, 2005

Benefiting from Remote Reboot Power Management

Remote reboot power management can be an excellent stand-alone solution or when combined with a KVM management system. Completing a true ‘lights out’ operations center can happen easily by introducing a simple remote reboot power management solution.

Remote KVM over IP access simply permits users to warm reboot computers. In order to cycle power to servers and network equipment, shutting down system power remotely is the only option for a total cold reboot. Remote reboot can be as simple as adding a single port Dataprobe iBoot remote power block or by employing more robust products such as chaining together Server Technology’s Power Tower XL and XM for 32-ports worth of control. Remote reboot power management for the two aforementioned products is accomplished through a standard secure internet browser session – no special software is required. In addition, alternate remote access options such as Telnet of Serial control are available in select models.

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