Monday, June 20, 2005

Raritan Paragon II Z-CIM Product Development

Raritan Computer has expanded its Raritan Paragon II CAT5 KVM Computer Interface Module line by introducing three new Z-CIM models – USB, SUN and PS2.

The Raritan Z-Series CAT5 KVM switch employs compact adapters called Zero U Computer Interface Modules as a simple way to control densely packed server cabinets. Small Z-Series Interface Modules attach to the keyboard, mouse, and video ports of each computer and then are linked to each other in a chain-like fashion using category 5 UTP cable.
Product enhancement and upgrades to the Raritan Paragon II Z-Series Computer Interface Module line include:
  • Multi-platform chaining support for USB and SUN devices.
  • Paragon II users can extend the Z-Series CAT5 chain up to 1,000 feet from first to last Z-CIM.
  • Re-engineered Raritan Paragon II Z-CIM models are reduced in size to help alleviate cabinet clutter.
  • Increase in number of Z-CIMs chained per Paragon II port to 42 computers compared to 20 per port using Paragon I Z-CIMs.
  • Updated part numbers are as follows: P2ZCIM-PS2, P2ZCIM-USB and P2ZCIM-SUN.
Further development of the Paragon II Z-CIM product line includes an extended host cable to allow for server rack cable management systems. Long Cable or “L” Z-CIM models are supplied with a 36-inch long cable compared to the standard 12-inch cable. L version part numbers should be referenced when ordering: P2ZCIM-PS2L, P2ZCIM-USBL, and P2ZCIM-SUNL.

Users should be aware that all newly released Raritan Paragon II Z-CIMs will not work with the current Raritan USTS User Station. The purpose for issuing new P2Z-CIM models is simply to multiply Raritan Paragon II UMT computer ports beyond the standard one host per port. By utilizing P2Z-CIM technology, users will have the opportunity to significantly expand the Paragon II architecture without investing in additional KVM switches.

Additional Paragon II Z-CIM technical information includes:
  • Raritan Paragon II Z-CIMs will operate with Paragon I Hardware Version 3 running Paragon II code.
  • Newly released Paragon II Z-CIMs can not be mixed with older Paragon I UKVMSPDs.
  • Users are required to follow chain length guidelines concerning power:
    -If 20 computers or less are daisy-chained to one Paragon II port, at least 1 computer in the P2Z-CIM chain must be powered on.
    -42 to 21 computers daisy-chained to one Raritan Paragon II port – at least 15 computers in the P2Z-CIM chain must be powered on.
    -Paragon II USB Z-CIM supports SUN, MAC and PC computers.
    -Unfortunately, Paragon II Z-CIMs will not work with any Dominion KX model.
    -Three separate LED flash patterns are integrated with new Z-CIM models to correspond with activities taking place within the CAT5 KVM series.
For pricing or additional information regarding Raritan Paragon II Z-Series CAT5 KVM switches, please contact our sales engineers a 1-800-638-2638.

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