Friday, May 18, 2007

Adder announces revolutionary AdderLink 'ipeps'

Adder is expected to release their new mini-sized IP KVM called "iPeps" starting in Q3 2007. This KVM over IP unit promises to enable maximum system availibilty throught minimizing user contention, uptimum server manag3ment and uptime.

Adder announce revolutionary AdderLink ‘ipeps’ (IP engine per server) units, for complete, secure, non-blocking computer management

Cambridge, UK, 15 March 2007 – Adder, the leading developer of local, remote and global computer control solutions has announced its new AdderLink ipeps range of ‘IP engine per server’ KVM-via-IP products at CeBIT 2007.

The AdderLink ipeps enables computer access and control from anywhere in the world, securely and remotely via the Internet or corporate network, using RealVNC client software that is specially designed for high performance KVM-via-IP applications.

The AdderLink ipeps is a powerful and flexible solution that uses Adventiq on-chip KVM-via-IP technology to deliver extremely high performance from a palm-sized unit.

To read the entire press release visit the Adder website.

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