Monday, October 13, 2014

Top 5 Benefits of a Console Server

  1. Centralized Data Center Management
    Console servers provide local or remote management of your serial devices, UNIX & Linux servers, routers, switches and other serially-managed devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser. Access serial servers from anywhere, at any time, regardless of network availability (optional Integrated 56K Modem*). Add centralized software for multiple console server and device locations and everything can be accessed from one centralized pane of glass.

  2. Maintaining Network Security
    Ensure against attacks w/ 128-bit SSL, RC4, AES, and 3DES encryption options. Authentication and Authorization fully supports RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, Active Directory; Primary and secondary servers support. By solving issues remotely from one centralized location, access to data centers and their secure environments will become very limited. This grants companies the peace of mind knowing their centers remain safe, locked down, and secure.

  3. Efficiency
    If a server is unresponsive or the network is down, the response time is instant and it can reduce the time it takes to return to service from hours to just minutes. Integrated 56K Modem via RJ11 connection available* Provides emergency access in the event of a network outage.

  4. Controlling Costs
    IT professionals are able to help eliminate the network downtime with proactive Event Management built in. Event Management provides event notifications to help you react, troubleshoot, and optimize networks before the worst happens Not only does this increase staff productivity and virtually eliminate travel to remote sites, but it also saves the company revenue with no loss of staff or system downtime while waiting for the issue to be resolved.

  5. Reducing Complexity
    Less equipment is needed to access all networks when using a console server. Having all server information in one location instead of searching for the problems over various different consoles and locations can greatly reduce the complexity for IT professionals.
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