Monday, February 21, 2011

Server Room Cooling

As with enterprise data centers, today's smaller server room environments are dealing with higher and higher server rack densities.  At one time building HVAC systems were sufficient to handle the cooling needs of these smaller computer rooms.  Not anymore. Server room cooling has become a much higher priority for today's IT professionals.

Portable Server Room Cooling
The question is, how much cooling is needed?  Simple cooling calculators don't tell the full story.  Each server room is unique and requires a different approach.  Portable cooling units may work in some server rooms, while others may be too space restricted.  In some cases an engineered computer room cooling system may be a more efficient, economical choices in the long run; while precision, in-rack cooling may be the best option in others.

What's for sure is that open doors with box fans pushing office air isn't going to cut it anymore.

The data center cooling experts at 42U can help you discover the best cooling solution for your data center, server room, or computer closet. Schedule your Server Room Power & Cooling  Evaluation today to learn how you can jump start efficiency and capacity gains in your server room.

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