Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SynapSense Active Control Data Center Cooling Software

Data center monitoring is an integral part of managing any server room. Beyond monitoring though, efficient use of cooling resources is critical to reducing data center operating costs and effectively managing IT capacity changes.  To help data center professionals with this critical task, SynapSense has recently released a new software package which, when combined with SynapSense wireless sensors, affords IT managers the fine grain control over cooling resources that today's energy efficient data centers demand. 

SynapSense's new Active Control automated data center cooling software monitors server room cooling needs by tracking server inlet temperature and sub-floor pressure differentials via the wireless sensors. Using this data, Active Control dynamically adjusts CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) temperature set points and fan speeds to meet changing IT demand loads. This dynamic approach to controlling data center cooling can dramatically reduce server room energy costs up to 30%.

IMage of SynapSense Active Control Server Room Cooling Software Dashboard
SynapSense Active Control Server Room Cooling Software Dashboard
You don't leave all of your lights on every day, why cool data centers to meet 100% capacity 100% of the time. Take control of your data center cooling today and realize immediate energy savings and increased efficiency.  Learn more about SynapSense Active Control from 42U, your data center engineering professionals.

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