Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Energy Efficiency Leadership for Data Centers & IT

Data center efficiency is a hot topic! With data center build outs, retro-fits, re-commissioning, expansions and server consolidation reaching a feverish pace, so have the challenges in keeping up with compliance, green initiatives – all while attempting to lower costs, increase scalability and keeping IT operations and Business always on/Uptime.

PG&E has fostered a consortium of electric companies throughout the country who could have financial incentives available for your company’s move towards Data Center Efficiency. Following the webinar, 42U has the resources and expertise to guide you through the steps towards earning incentives and becoming efficient in your Data Center environment.

Join 42U on Friday, July 25th as Mark Bramfitt, Principle Program Manager for PG&E, discusses how PG&E is helping their customers save money by being energy efficient.

Translating an equation into energy savings and future ROI. Experts agree that, for now, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the most accurate way to measure the energy efficiency of a data center. Bramfitt said he needs something like PUE to help determine which data center products and improvements are truly energy efficient and then provide financial incentives for companies that adopt them. "Manufacturers just can't stick up their hand and say 'This is an energy-efficient product,' he said. "I need to know how efficient it is."

Discussion Points

* What is driving the emphasis on energy efficiency in the Information Technology/Data Center sector
* Likely technology and market adoption trends
* What strategies should we be taking to move towards "Green IT"
* Getting there: a leadership challenge

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