Friday, June 29, 2007

Traditional KVM Technology Still Thriving!

In the most recent edition of Processor they raise the question "Is The Death of Traditional KVM Near?" They report that the demand for traditional KVM technolgy products remains strong! Below is a snippet from the article.

Is The Death Of Traditional KVM Near?
Don’t Bet On It Anytime Soon

As new technologies enter the marketplace, older ones tend to fade off into the sunset, but don’t close the door on traditional KVM technologies just yet. While some server manufacturers have begun to integrate KVM functions directly on the motherboard, thus prompting a premature death knell, the demand for traditional KVM products remains strong.

“I don’t think the traditional KVM is dead at all, as I find it to be very strong in ongoing markets, especially in the 2-port and 4-port switches where you don’t necessarily need IP KVM or the need to support servers remotely,” says Adrian Dickens, founder and managing director for Adder Technology (, a UK-based KVM manufacturer. Richard Dominach, Raritan’s ( KVM over IP product manager, agrees: “I think the current state of the traditional KVM is indeed healthy. Customers are making good use of KVM and related technologies.”

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