Thursday, May 24, 2007

Latest Breakthrough in Video Wall Solutions

SmartAvi Introduces its Latest Breakthrough in Video Wall Solutions: XPANDER.

Share your information in almost any format across up to 64 displays.

Burbank, CA- May 21, 2007- SmartAvi, Inc. an award winning multi- user audio and video integration company introduces its latest innovation in the Video Wall Solutions market industry- XPANDER. XPANDER is a complete hardware and software video wall solution to create, manage, and control information display systems across multiple displays.

Video wall technology is an information display system, where digital content, such as major video, audio, animation and graphics, is distributed and expanded across multiple displays tied together to form a single, larger, more visible screen. Video wall technology manages and controls all media output across up to 64 screens from a single, central workstation. XPANDER technology is implemented by inserting a range of up to 16 graphics cards (each card can support up to four screens) into a PC. Using multiple graphics cards, it is possible to create a display that allows the Windows desktop to be spread across a maximum of 64 screens. Constructing a multi-screen data/video wall enables the display to be arranged in any rectangular format with optional video overlays support. XPANDER displays superior image quality at high resolution and color depths. In addition, multiple independent video windows can be displayed simultaneously, and can be scaled to full screen with horizontal and vertical interpolation for higher quality images.

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