Friday, April 06, 2007

Remote Management Solutions

Remote management solutions generally combine remote management, intelligent power, and environmental monitoring. Below are example solutions from Avocent and Raritan that enable IT professionals to easily integrate their remote locations into their centralized management process, as well as standalone solutions offered by other vendors.
Integrated Remote Management Solutions
  • Remote Management: Avocent’s DSView 3 software provides an integrated platform for managing KVM switches, service processor aggregation appliances, and serial devices. Avocent’s DSR switches provide remote bios-level server and serial device control, and its service processor aggregation appliances, the OnBoard and the MergePoint, can be used to remotely manage devices with integrated onboard technologies.
  • Power: Avocent’s Cyclades AlterPath PM intelligent power distribution units enable remote power management and control of servers and network devices. AlterPath PM devices can be used with DSR switches and Cyclades console servers and integrate with DSView 3, combining system access and power control into a single interface. These devices come in both 208 and 110 models, with many variations in number of outlets and amperage available.
  • Console: Avocent’s Cyclades ACS console servers are available in single and dual power supply options. When combined with integrated power management and centralized administration, these devices provide secure and consolidated out-of-band infrastructure management. ACS console servers use a Linux operating system, are accessible both in-band and out-of-band, and have detailed logging capabilities and numerous security features.
  • Remote Management: Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway Appliance provides centralized management of servers and IT devices managed by Raritan Dominion series switches and console servers, as well as IT equipment with service processors and embedded technologies. The CommandCenter can also integrate remote power strips connected to Raritan Dominion products. The CommandCenter features 128-bit encryption and third-party authentication through Active Directory, TACACS+, LDAP, and RADIUS, and provides strong password support.
  • Power: Raritan's remote power switches enable the remote monitoring, reboot, and shutdown of all connected devices. Using the Command Center, they integrate with Dominion KX switches and SX console servers, as well as other Raritan products, such as the Paragon II and IP Reach switches. These devices feature relay-controlled AC power receptacles, which allow administrators to monitor variables such as voltage, power, and temperature.
  • Console: Raritan’s Dominion SX and XRO devices provide out-of-band remote KVM access and serial device control, power control, and feature a modem for access if a network goes down. Dominion XRO devices allow 1 digital and 1 local user to control 1-3 servers and 4-8 serial devices and integrate with the CommandCenter Secure Gateway Appliance.
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